sreda, 19. december 2012

10.000 hands mark


So here it is ...10.000 hands. I wont even begin to comment last 4.000 hands becouse it is simply not worth it.
I am very happy with overall 25BB/100 winrate and will try to inprove my game even more

Here is the graph

sreda, 12. december 2012


Today was a special day, felt unrealisticly great!
I have just completed the first part and I feel very happy about it!

So I am going to write down 5 interesting situations/hands that I had some trouble with and occur quite often. I will also run over all the hands that costed me too much money.

The last step in this part is 1 hour of coaching which I think could be delayed a bit, I can save the € to purchase it later. However I know there are few things I need to fix. Below are my stats and I would really be gratefull if someone could help me with my gap problem.

Read more here.

My stats for part 1

My graph with Showdown and non-showdown winnings:

nedelja, 09. december 2012


My girlfriend had her birthday yesterday so I could not play a lot. Had to buy her a present and the weather was really crazy. It was snowing at the seaside where I live.

Poker is running great, I am punishing Italian fishes really hard. I made a thread on aswell where I will discuss the important matters. You can follow here.

sobota, 08. december 2012

First week, feeling great!

[NL10 Part 1] December 2012
  • Building a roll: 30 buyins ~ 45.6% 
  • HH analize: 10 hands per day ~ 6 in avarage
  • No cashouts! ~ none
  • Start making valuable notes ~ made some decent notes, going to inprove
  • Video analize ~ not yet so far
  • Sweat sessions with coach ~ planing to have it soon
  • Productivity ~ my volume is low but I play max two sessions a day, 1 hour each

četrtek, 06. december 2012


My project is running good so far. The volume was low since I had some other things to do however I am very happy with my preformance. I am up ~11 buyins already and looking forward to win some more. I also commented some hands on pokerstrategy hand evaluation forum, not yet posted mine.

Bankroll: + 106€

Here is my graph for 3,5k hands:

Next update soon ;)

ponedeljek, 03. december 2012

December kickoff

" My name is Urban and I am starting my own poker blog. I am playing poker on daily basis for good two years now. My priority is 6max SH however I love to play tournaments aswell. I will be writing about my upcomming poker projects. I will try to update it as often as possible. I hope this will inspire me and help me advance to higher limits. " 
~ Noki

[NL10 Part 1] December 2012
  • Building a roll: 30 buyins
  • HH analize: 10 hands per day
  • No cashouts!
  • Start making valuable notes
  • Video analize
  • Sweat sessions with coach
  • Productivity